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It was 1823 when Colonel Erwin first visited this territory. That's when he developed an affection for the land of the Three Rivers. Promptly, the construction of his Erwin home in the land known as Painted Post was underway, and other prominent structures began to rise. Many remain today, including those in the Erwin family heritage. They are a small part of the engaging Walking Tour in the historic Village of Painted Post.

As Colonel Erwin said, over 200 years ago, "Welcome to the land of Painted Post...and enjoy!"

Walking Tours

In 1780, General Freegift Pachen, having become a captive of the Indians, was taken along the Andaste Trail on the way to Fort Niagara. When they arrived at the confluence of three rivers (Conhocton, now known as Cohocton, Tioga, and Canisteo), General Pachen saw a weathered hewn post. On the post were twenty-eight figures in red depicting captives and thirty headless figures also in red, depicting dead men.

The first painted post, when was it erected? No one knows. Why was it erected? Again, no one knows. But because of it, the entire area in the early days was known as The Painted Post Country. Now, the village still bears the old, proud name and it has never been without a "painted post" of some kind.

We invite your to take a tour through this section of our website then come on out and enjoy a walk through our beautiful village.


Painted Post-Erwin Museum at the Depot

Experience an American Story - The History of Painted Post and Erwin.

Located in the restored Painted Post Depot, The Painted Post-Erwin Museum interprets the history of the Village of Painted Post and the Town of Erwin through exhibits and programs.

The Painted Post-Erwin Museum, a branch of the Corning-Painted Post Historical Society, is open June - August, Monday through Friday 10:00AM - 4:00PM and Saturdays 10:00AM - 2:00PM. September - May, call 607-962-0249 for an appointment.

Admission: free, contributions welcome!

Location: corner of West High Street and Steuben, Painted Post, New York.

History of Painted Post

The History of Painted Post offers a brief story of the land, events and the people that were the ingredients that formed the flavor of our community today. This section is rich with text, pictures and links to other historically relevant web sites. A special thanks to Thomas P. Dimitroff and Lois S. Janes for the contribution of text from their book, "History of the Corning Painted Post Area, 200 Years in Painted Post Country" and to the Corning-Painted Post Historical Society for donating photos.

Painted Post photos from the 1972 flood and aftermath era

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